Vater UK Endorsee

Claire Brock Vater EndorseeGreat news, over the summer I became a Vater UK endorsee. I’ve been using their sticks for over 10yrs – ever since I won a brick of their 5A’s with my signature on for winning the top student award at Drumtech. At the time I was playing another well known brand of sticks and had 2 new pairs of their sticks break on me each within 20mins (I hit hard, but not that hard!). That told me it was time for a change, so I started using the Vater sticks I’d just won and haven’t looked back since.

I use their 5A’s, 7A’s and Retractable Wiretap brushes. The sticks have great balance, rebound and feel great in my hand, if you haven’t tried Vater sticks, I’d encourage you to get a pair.

I’m really proud to be part of the Vater Family. Thanks Vater and Active Music Distribution. #switchtovater