Drum tracks

I have a kit set-up and mic’d permanently in my purpose built studio and record drum tracks for musicians across the world. Most of my clients are singer/songwriters and rock bands.

First and foremost I count myself as a musician, so I always play for the song and leave my ego at the door.

I find working online this way is really effective and enjoyable. It enables you to work and collaborate with a professional drummer remotely to get drum tracks for your project wherever you’re based in the world.

I can provide you with up to 9 channels (2 overheads, Snare top, Snare bottom, Kick, 3 toms, Hi-hat) as unprocessed individual wavs. They’re ready to import straight into your DAW to edit/process as you choose (I typically work at 44.1khz/24bit).

I also record Percussion tracks and have loads of different instruments (the most commonly used include: congas, tambourine, shakers, guiro).

Get in touch for more info.

Recording gear:

Shure Beta 52a
Oktava MK012’s (matched stereo pair)
Audix i5
Audix D2 (x3)
AKG C1000s

Focusrite Pre-amps

KRK Rokit RP5 G2?s

Reaper for recording/editing
Logic for Mixing

I also run the dedicated drum tracks site: OnlineSessionDrums.com